We currently have several different sizes of rock to fufill all of your stone needs. From lime to shot rock and everything in between, we can tackle any project.
We have trucks waiting and can usually delivery same day.

Agricultural Lime is an 1/8" minus product
for amending soil. Current RNV is 51.4%.
#9s are driveway gravel for around the
house or campsites - small & soft
#6x10s are our most popular driveway
gravel - just right
#5x7s are road rock - cherry pit to large
grape size
#5 rock is used for lateral fill - all about
egg size
#23 (#3) rock are used in muddy areas - about
size of a small fist
Compactible Base is a favorite with
silica and clay binding agents
- packs like concrete!
Contractors Dense Grade is Dense Grade
with a small amount of clay binder - packs
like concrete. Great for fill or wash areas
Dense Grade is #6x10s with lime - works
for drives that need to stay put and bind